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Partner Tested Products on HPE
HPE Product NameHPE Product VersionPartner Product NamePartner Product VersionDate Tested
HPE ProLiantBL460c Gen10Ubuntu18.0405/01/2020
HPE ApolloXL170r Gen10 (Apollo 2000)Ubuntu18.0405/01/2020
HPE ProLiantML110 Gen10Ubuntu18.0405/01/2020
HPE Synergy480 Gen10Ubuntu18.0405/01/2020
HPE ProLiantDL325 Gen10 PlusUbuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ProLiantDL325 Gen10 Plus v2Ubuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ProLiantDL345 Gen10PlusUbuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ProLiantDL360 Gen10 PlusUbuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ProLiantDL365 Gen10 PlusUbuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ProLiantDL380 Gen10 PlusUbuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ProLiantDL385 Gen10 PlusUbuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ProLiantDL385 Gen10 Plus v2Ubuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ApolloXL420 Gen10 (Apollo 4200)Ubuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ApolloXL645d Gen10 Plus (Apollo 6500)Ubuntu22.0404/01/2022
HPE ApolloXL675d Gen10 Plus (Apollo 6500)Ubuntu22.0404/01/2022
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Document NameLink
HPE Servers/HPE Synergy & Canonical - Ubuntu Product Brochure
Canonical Ubuntu Support and Certification Matrix
HPE Telco Validated Design with Canonical Kubernetes
HPE Telco Validated Design with Canonical Anbox Cloud Appliance
HPE Telco Validated Design with Canonical OpenStack
HPE Telco Validated Design with Canonical MicroCloud on HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 Server
HPE Business Unit(s) Approved for Partner Product Integration with HPE Products
HPE Business UnitHPE Product Group Level 1HPE Product Group Level 2
Server (Compute)Servers for CloudHPE Cloudline
Integrated SystemsHPE Hyperconverged SystemsHPE SimpliVity 380
Server (Compute)Blade ServersBL460C
Server (Compute)Rack ServersHPE Apollo Rack Servers
Server (Compute)Tower ServersHPE ProLiant ML Family
Integrated SystemsComposable InfrastructureHPE Synergy
StorageData Analytics and AIMapR
StorageData Analytics and AIBluedata
Integrated SystemsComposable InfrastructureHPE OneView Mgmt Software
SoftwareHPE EzmeralHPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise
SoftwareHPE EzmeralHPE Ezmeral Data Fabric
Industries and SegmentsTelecommunicationsHPE 5G Core Stack
Currently not available

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