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Partner Tested Products on HPE
HPE Product NameHPE Product VersionPartner Product NamePartner Product VersionDate Tested
Synergy server(SY480 with D3940)4.10.01-0348545Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM)2018.1102/01/2019
HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack HubNAMicrofocus Platespin Migratev2020.2.0.1703/01/2020
Primera C3604.1.0.27Micro Focus Data Protector10.6006/15/2020
StorEver LT09 Ultrium 45000N9B3Microfocus Data Protector10.9112/13/2021
HPE Alletra 90009.4.0.59MicroFocus Data Protector10.9102/04/2022
HPE Primera A6304.4.0.59MicroFocus Data Protector10.9102/10/2022
HPE 3PAR 84003.3.2.140MicroFocus Data Protector10.9102/10/2022
HP Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise5.3.5Vertica Unified Analytics Platform9.2x11/08/2021
HPE Primera4.5.1.2Micro Focus Data Protector11.0109/22/2022
HPE SimplivityOmniStack 4.1.2Micro Focus Data Protector11.0109/22/2022
HPE XP8 Storage90-09-21-00_00_ECN-M100Data Protector11.01 and 11.0311/24/2023
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HPE Business Unit(s) Approved for Partner Product Integration with HPE Products
HPE Business UnitHPE Product Group Level 1HPE Product Group Level 2
Server (Compute)Mission Critical ServersHPE Integrity NonStop
Server (Compute)Rack ServersHPE ProLiant DL Family
Server (Compute)Tower ServersHPE ProLiant ML Family
Server (Compute)Blade ServersBL460C
Server (Compute)Blade ServersBL660C
Server (Compute)Mission Critical ServersHPE OpenVMS O/S
Server (Compute)Servers for internet of ThingsHPE Edgeline for loT
Integrated SystemsComposable InfrastructureHPE OneView Mgmt Software
Integrated SystemsAzure StackHPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack
StorageAll-flash and Hybrid StoragePrimera
SoftwareHPE EzmeralHPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise
Server (Compute)Mission Critical ServersHPE Integrity Servers with HP-UX
Currently not available

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