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Partner Tested Products on HPE
HPE Product NameHPE Product VersionPartner Product NamePartner Product VersionDate Tested
NonStop XL16.05LogWatch4.302/01/2016
NonStop XL16.05TeleMail7.002/01/2016
NonStop XL16.05SOG3.3.202/02/2016
NonStop XL16.05TelePath3.5.202/02/2016
NonStop XL16.05TeleFTP4.3.102/01/2016
NonStop XL16.05Report.Web3.4.302/01/2016
NonStop XL16.05Cypress7.502/01/2016
NonStop XL16.05TeleFax4.6102/01/2016
NonStop iH06.25.01 J06.17, J06.20LogWatch4.2.307/01/2016
NonStop iH06.25.01 J06.17, J06.20TeleMail6.407/01/2016
NonStop iH06.25.01 J06.17, J06.20SOG3.007/01/2016
NonStop iH06.25.01 J06.17, J06.20TelePath3.507/01/2016
NonStop iH06.25.01 J06.17, J06.20TeleFTP4.3.007/01/2016
NonStop iH06.25.01 J06.17, J06.20Report.Web3.4.307/01/2016
NonStop iH06.25.01 J06.17, J06.20Cypress7.507/01/2016
NonStop iH06.25.01 J06.17, J06.20TeleFaxT4.6107/01/2016
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Server (Compute)Mission Critical ServersHPE Integrity NonStop
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