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AMS: 60%
APJ: 15%
EMEA: 25%
Enterprise: 60%
Commercial: 35%
SMB: 5%
Direct: 86%
Indirect: 14%
Partner Tested Products on HPE
HPE Product NameHPE Product VersionPartner Product NamePartner Product VersionDate Tested
HPE DL380Gen 9Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform2.109/01/2017
HPE DL380Gen 9Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform3.009/01/2017
HPE DL380Gen 10Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform4.006/01/2019
HPE Synergy - 3 SY 480 Gen10Gen 10Hedvig software defined storageN/A09/01/2019
HPE Apollo 4200Gen 10Hedvig software defined storageN/A08/01/2019
HPE 3PAR3.2.2.709 (MU6)Commvault Complete Backup and Recoveryv11 SP 1504/14/2019
HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure StackGen 9, Q2B51ACommvault Complete Backup and Recoveryv1105/31/2018
HPE StoreOnce Systems ? SoftwareStoreOnce Gen 4 CatalystCommvault Complete Backup and Recoveryv1108/02/2018
Primera360Commvault Complete Backup and Recoveryv11 SP 1510/07/2019
HPE Allectra 90009.3Commvault11.sp1607/09/2021
HPE Alletra 90009.3.3.2Commvault11 SP2410/19/2021
HPE Alletra 60306.0.0.100-924305-optCommvault11 SP2410/19/2021
HPE StoreEver LTO-09 Ultrium 45000N9B3Commvault11 SP2402/04/2022
HPE Alletra 50006.1.1.200-1020304-optCommvault11.30 (with SP28 and SP32)06/30/2023
HPE GreenLake for Block Storage MPfw: (11.32)10/30/2023
HPE GreenLake for File Storage MPFW: file-service-1.2.0-34Commvault2023E (11.32)10/30/2023
HPE GreenLake for Block Storage MP10.3.0.35Commvault2023E (11.32)03/21/2024
HPE GreenLake for Block Storage MP10.3.0.35Commvault2024 (11.34)03/21/2024
HPE Alletra 90009.5.18.20Commvault2023E (11.32)03/21/2024
HPE Alletra 90009.5.18.20Commvault2024 (11.34)03/21/2024
HPE 3PAR 84003.3.2.168Commvault2023E (11.32)03/21/2024
HPE 3PAR 84003.3.2.168Commvault2024 (11.34)03/21/2024
Marketing Assets
Document NameLink
HPE StoreOnce & Commvault - Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery Product Brochure
HPE & Commvault - Simplify Data Protection - Together
HPE & Commvault - Simplified Intelligent Data Protection - Solution Guide
HPE & Commvault - Complete Storage Solutions
HPE Business Unit(s) Approved for Partner Product Integration with HPE Products
HPE Business UnitHPE Product Group Level 1HPE Product Group Level 2
Server (Compute)Rack ServersHPE ProLiant DL Family
Server (Compute)Mission Critical ServersHPE Integrity Servers with HP-UX
Server (Compute)Servers for CloudHPE Cloudline
StorageMidrange & EnterpriseHPE 3PAR StoreServ
StorageAll-flash and Hybrid StorageHPE 3PAR StoreServ
Server (Compute)Mission Critical ServersHPE OpenVMS O/S
StorageData Protection StorageHPE StoreEver, Tape & Libraries
Integrated SystemsAzure StackHPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack
StorageData Protection StorageHPE StoreOnce Systems & Software
StorageAll-flash and Hybrid StoragePrimera
GreenLakeHPE GreenLake for Private CloudPCE
Currently not available

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